The Evolution of a Zenahora Music Project Track

All creative endeavors have influences, even as they themselves influence the birth of others in life’s cycles of artistic expression. The Zenahora Music Project was established to help facilitate that process; here is one example of how it can happen.

Ismael and I had been playing music together for some time when we discovered our mutual appreciation for the production skills of DJ Muggs from Cypress Hill – in particular, tracks from the classic first album like “Real Estate”:

You could imagine Muggs himself listening for the first time to “Sexy Coffee Pot” from Tony Alvon & The Belairs, the song that he samples for the killer bass line:

We started jamming around to it one day, and one thing led to another until we came up with our own little riff (DISCLAIMER: In no way is The Zenahora Music Project or anyone involved with it trying to compare either “Real Estate” or “Sexy Coffee Pot” – two of the funkiest songs of all time – to this simple composite of an improvised jam session from two guys in a garage on a Monday afternoon in San Francisco.)

Now comes the really cool part – Ismael had another, much more formal project going called The Neybuzz, which since 2006 has released 6 albums worth of material, a good portion of which was influenced by the jam sessions we had between 2003 and 2006. In my opinion, the best of this material is the song “Katrina” from the 2006 album “Heavy Soulz”, which has a variation of the Rhumba Real Estate bass line featured in The Zenahora Music Project:

With Eddie Sassin providing a solid rhythm on the drums and Candi Sosa lighting up the track with her vocals, this simple idea for a groove took on a totally new vibe and reached a whole different level – and that’s the intention. Ismael has set the bar pretty high with The Neybuzz version of this track, but we’re hoping to see and hear more from others as well in the future.

Take a listen to the tracks from The Zenahora Music Project and see if you can hear something new in them – and then let us know what you come up with at