Sun April 29, 2012 Book Event in NYC @ Central Bar 7pm – 9pm

With an event finally scheduled for NYC, I’m very pleased to announce that this little promotional tour is ready to get under way! The people at Central Bar have graciously set aside a place for us upstairs on the 2nd floor, with a comfortable area for everyone to sit back, have a drink (and some food if you like – there’s even specials for both), and and get into some good discussions about the book and it’s themes.

The event is listed from 7pm – 9pm, but they don’t expect a big rush of people upstairs, so we can relax knowing that we basically have this space for the night (and what you see is only half of it). Feel free to invite some friends to come along and make it a nice spring evening out in the city!

And if you’re really feeling adventurous, you can consider hanging out ’til the end and taking a little stroll with me afterwards; one of my favorite things to do in NYC is just walk around and take it all in, and I’ll be psyched if you decide you’d like to join in. There’s going to be some very interesting and creative people in attendance that night, and I’m excited just to be able to introduce some of you to each other – and it is spring after all…

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