San Francisco Event Update!

Nyles Lannon, a very talented musician/producer from the Bay Area with, is now on the bill for the event at Baobab! I met Nyles in ’99 when he set up shop in the Sunset District with another old friend of mine, Philly-to-SF dj/musician/producer Jason Knight, and we’ve had a lot of fun improvising in jam sessions over the years (as evidenced in the Zenahora Music Project). We’ll be getting right back into that vibe for this event, as he provides a live ambient soundtrack for the reading. Nyles has several of his own amazing albums to check out:

and has also released music with Film School and Inu, among other projects. He is just wrapping up another intensely creative period, and this summer should see releases of his next album, a couple new collaborations and some remix work he’s done for other artists. You can probably imagine how surprised I was that with all of that already on his plate, he still agreed to do this event with me – but that’s Nyles, always ready to push the musical envelope and try something new.

See you on May 2nd!


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