Book giveaway: June 1-5, 2017



You may have heard that reading is the gift that keeps on giving, but trust me, it’s actually writing.

In 2011, I self-published Boy Meets Girl, The End, my discordianesque attempt at writing transgressive fiction under the guise of a romance novel, and it went over pretty much as intended; people either really loved it or really hated it, but either way it seemingly elicited strong reactions in those who read it. I know this because a decent amount took time out of their busy schedules to express their feelings about it online, beginning with Amazon and then on Goodreads. Every review, positive or negative, was perfect for me (and importantly, helped my future writing), because it showed that the story was able to get into their psyche enough to provoke a stirring of some kind, something to break them out of their routine and urge them to speak up and out. And even in our crazy, digitalized world of excessive, non-stop content prodding us for our attention 24/7. how many things can really make us do that anymore (politics not included)?

And then, after quite some time of nothing, this arrived into my life:

My first thought was, she didn’t even read the book once, let alone twice. Unless this (elderly) woman is suffering from memory loss or is a huge fan of excessively shocking material and thought this dull in comparison (which doesn’t seem to be the case based on the love of cheesy romance novels dominating her profile), then she just found a passive aggressive way to say she didn’t like it – and seriously, nothing could be lamer. The book was purposefully written to get a rise out of people and make them contemplate what they would do in the situations presented, and there wasn’t even one thing about it that she could identify as unlikeable? I would rather have had her say it was the worst piece of garbage she’d ever read (which others have said and written) than to say she just couldn’t recall anything about it.

Now, it’s also quite possible that she saw through my diabolical plan and turned it back on me just to get a rise out of this easily duped author – and it worked! But that’s all to your benefit, potential future readers of BMGTE, because it made me thirsty for feedback and reviews again (once again, postive or negative), and the best way to get them is to get people reading this old rag of a novel – and the best way to do that in our day and age is to offer up some free copies.

Here are the 2 options you have for getting your own:

  1. For ebook readers, go to the Amazon page for the book BETWEEN THURSDAY JUNE 1ST AND MONDAY JUNE 5TH and download it directly there – for free, of course.
  2. For paperback readers, I will mail a copy to the first 10 people who request one at – just include in the body of the email your full name and the address you want it sent to and it will be in your hands before you know it – once again, at no charge to you.

And that’s it, it’s that easy – to get a book and to make an independent author happy, especially now that I’ve picked up writing the second act in this trilogy again and will take any feedback I can.

My only request is that if you read the book and if you feel so inspired to please share your thoughts – either directly with me or with the world on Amazon or Goodreads. Online reviews are what people look to nowadays for help in deciding what to read (or eat, or wear, or buy something in general), and even negative ones do more for an author than none at all. My favorite analogy for this is to imagine standing on a sidewalk in a city looking for a place to eat; if you see an empty restaurant, you’ll probably pass it by, but even if someone comes out of a busy restaurant visibly or verbally unhappy, you’ll still at least consider what made all the others go in. That’s the life of an independently publishing author nowadays, waiting for people to come and check out what’s on your menu, – and you can really help us all out by sharing your point of view.

Thanks and happy reading!