Wed. May 2, 2012 – Book Event in San Francisco

I lived in San Francisco from 2000 – 2005, and absolutely loved my time in the Bay Area. It was a grand departure from my growing up in the Northeast (with it’s cold, harsh winters and fast paced lifestyle), and though it took me a little time to adjust to it (read: I had to tone down my natural inclination for sarcasm), it is now a permanent part of me.

One of the biggest reasons why can be found at the corner of 19th and Mission Street in the Mission District – a Senegalese restaurant/bar/club that was originally called Little Baobab (and is now part of the Bissap Baobab Village owned and operated by Marco Senghor). This is what it looked like a couple of years ago…

Marco has always been one of the most generous people I’ve ever known, and it was because of him that I was lucky enough to become a dj in that musically competitive city (you can read about that here –

And now, he has very generously allowed me to host an event at Bissap, which used to be Bollyhood (and before that a dance studio – ahhh the history!), right next to Little Baobab on 19th Street.

If you live in or near the Bay Area, come on out on May 2nd – enjoy some great Senegalese food and famous Baobab mixed drinks, and I’ll entertain you with excerpts from the book and some of the behind the scenes stories. Books will be available for purchase and I’ll be signing them, and then afterwards the party continues with DJ Walt Digz and Latin music night.

My life on a pedestal

How’s that for a dramatic title, huh?!



I went down to check how the book is doing at Orell Füssli, and was very happy to see that the 5 books I took down there (to add to the 3 that were left) are now back down to 4 again.

Move’em on out, I’ve got plenty more to replace’em with!

But, I wasn’t happy to see that they were still in a pile on the table, when all of these other books had nice little pedestals to prop them up for everyone to see. So, I walked up to the staff who was working there, busy as he was moving books back into nice piles after customers had left, and asked him if he would be so kind…and he said, “Of course!”.  And damn it, it was that easy.

He even moved another set of books over so mine could be put there (sorry, other set of books). I have no idea if he was just doing this to placate me, but he was certainly cool about placating me if that were the case, and I got to feel like the book will be even more visible now.

I mean, look, doesn’t that stand out more? Wouldn’t you go and pick it up now?

I’m telling you, you gotta be ruthless in this read-or-die world of literature!


New Zenahora logo

So, after some discussion with the creative director over here at Zenahora, it was decided that the old logo was better than the previously suggested options for a new one (she’s not big on change), and a redesign was finally completed yesterday.

And I am so happy with the way it worked out!  She was right to say that this icon is more in line with the ideals behind the name, and it’s easier to duplicate and show in different sizes.

For those that don’t know already, my decision to use the pine cone icon came after Xani and I were riding our bikes through town one day, and out of the corner of my eye I caught a blurry glimpse of this statue:

It was at this weird (for Zürich) house that was randomly spray painted in pastel-y sherbet colors, and looked abandoned. I turned around to get a closer look:

and I was reminded of information I had found some years back about how pine cones had been used for centuries to denote a deeper esoteric understanding of life – whether that was spiritual or metaphysical or political in nature. I had always wondered why the Buddha’s head looked like this:

and when I learned more about the pine cone’s image it made more sense. You can read about it here, here and here.

And just to clarify – I’m not a buddhist (nor am I a follower of any group mind set, let alone a religion) – but I’m down with the deeper essence of this thing called “life”. I’ve had my own experiences with the pineal gland and meditation and focused energy, and while I would never tell you how to live your life, I would politely suggest that you “Check Out Your Mind”: